Our role is taking those fresh ingredients and using the right recipes to make your brand scrumptious.

From our selection of awareness building appetizers, sales boosting main courses, and brand bolstering desserts, our menu ensures your project will be well fed. Let’s make your brand irresistible!

Our Tasting Menu

We are a Toronto-based Digital Marketing Agency. We geek out with Social Advertising, Community Management, and Drip Campaign & Automation.

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Social Advertising

Social media is a fondue fountain of attention and our ads are the bread that gets you what you want.

We know social advertising because we’ve been in the kitchen perfecting it for over the past decade. We’ve collaborated with clients to create compelling, winning ads on all key social networks.

Our experts have honed their craft, working with people on the many dimensions of social advertising, such as creative, targeting, optimization, and more. But all that’s just for starters.

Over the years we’ve developed an appetizing approach that’s sure to leave you salivating. Our journey has led us to no longer simply work within a pre-established marketing box. We now create an entire social advertising feast. What this results in is all your marketing channels working in tandem, so that your pekish people get that delectable message, at the right serving time. So go ahead, double dip.

Content Marketing

Have a seat and let us set a table for you. Allow our chefs to find creative solutions to community management strategies that get your customers tipping.

When it comes to presenting your brand, creating content that is enticing, evocative, and delicious is a must. In today’s world every message a business puts out is either putting you out there, getting people to know who you are, or a missed opportunity.

We know you’ve had a unique and worthwhile journey to be where you are.
Your customers deserve to hear your story, and we’re here to tell it.

You’ve got a wonderful project you’re working on, we’ll display it in a way that is true to your values and consistent with your history. What this amounts to is an enticing entre coming together, its many ingredients forming something greater.

A perfect branding pie fresh out the oven, with each slice telling your audience who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. You’ve got a delightful dish to show off — allow us to raise the cloche.

Drip Campaigns & Lead Generation

Cooking is a science as much as it is an art. Our carefully crafted drip campaigns and meticulously managed lead generation strategy will have customers lining up at your door.

Lead generation and drip campaigns are a sumptuous blend. They are the perfect flavour pairing for alluring highly qualified leads and taking them on a journey sure to make them convert. But we’ve been on a journey ourselves — a marketing adventure that has seen us go beyond conventional bounds. We’ve become something like chefs on the new frontier of culinary advancement.

Our unique approach that we’ve cultivated over our long history involves taking your individual needs and catering to them via the latest innovations digital marketing has to offer. Just ask our many clients for whom we’ve created PURLs and dynamic landing pages for so that their leads get the personalized conversion experience they desire. Whatever the dish, we’ve got the ingredients.

Additional Amuse- bouches.

After an eclectic selection of treats? In our long history we've done numerous things. While the above services are our bread and butter, our team specializes in a wide array of other succulent services that’ll have you licking your lips.

We’re a whole lot more than meets the eye. Our expert team covers every facet of digital marketing from integrating data and tracking it to search engine ads and our uniquely communication-centric branding. Of course, we’ve also been known to help build a website or two.

Whatever your marketing needs, we’ve got the recipe — just ask!

Hungry? Then, let's Craft a Recipe.

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